Pete Gorski

As a staff artist for nearly 20 years in the once-thriving newspaper industry, Pete Gorski had to become an illustrator/problem solver capable of wearing many hats. With all manner of stories and topics needing to be illustrated, no one style could be relied upon to do the job. How does one person come up with an illustration for the breakdown in civil society? Virtual reality? Or society’s ever-increasing foul language?

A change of hats, adjustment of perspective, a shifting of gears.

As an artist in a small art department, Pete had to be the illustrator to do the humorous story on succumbing to indulgence, the Photoshop whiz to create an illustration for the meaning of God and the guy who, though he loves politics, had to do yet another healthcare illustration.
A shift of gears, perspective, technique and media were all a part of a week’s work.

Of the many styles, techniques and media employed to create the illustrations to cover these bases, three – categorized here as Editorial, Humorous and Photo Illustration – were the ones Pete relied upon most and executed over the years. That is why, unlike many illustrators’ sites, there are three seemingly different portfolios on this site. All of these styles have won him scores of state, national and international awards. No one illustration style continually outshined the others, each came as naturally as the next. Perhaps it’s because he’s a Gemini, the sign of the twins, that settling on one specific style seems counter to the thinking and image-making process ingrained after so long.

Also included on this site are some of his paintings of a completely different style and perspective . . . but we won’t get into that.